Friday, January 25, 2013

How To Make - AG Sweet Treats Display Case

I missed out on buying 2007 AG Sweet Treats Bakery Case ($75) before it retired 2009. I love to bake and this set looked so adorable. I didn't want the hassle of an eBay bidding war and risk paying more so I re-created it for myself.

I did it with card board, poster board, contact paper and foam board. The entire project cost $3 to make. 


I suggest painting or covering the back interior of the box prior to adding shelves. I failed to do this and it was difficult to add the pink paper in between the shelving.  Everything has been hot glued into place. I added water bottle cap feet on all four corners to give it stability. 

You can then begin adding your food and pastries. I created an entire bakery shop setting. I was in need of a display case for my etsy shop. This works well and it's very lightweight.    

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