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*REVIEW* Kirsten's Scenes & Settings - The American Girl's Collection (Video)

Sooooooooooo happy I found this at GOODWILL!
Retired Kirsten Larson's Scenes and Settings - 1854. 
Measures 29” x 23” - fold out backgrounds of her rural farm exterior and interiors, store, school, waterfront docks and winter scenes. Snap closure and carry handle. 

Dated 1996 Pleasant company.

Kirsten's home is a little log cabin on the Minnesota prairie, far from the nearest neighbor. Log cabins provided shelter but were cramped and cold during the winter. Families looked forward to the day they could build a larger house and use the their old cabin as a shed or barn.

 Nearly everything the Larson family ate or used was produced on the homestead--their cabin and the land surrounding it. The cabin had only one room whose size depended upon the length of the logs cut for the house.

Kirsten's first sight of New York was from the deck of the Eagle. In the harbor, merchants, sailors, delivery boys, and peddlers jostled crowds of immigrants and dock workers. The noise and bustle must have been scary, but arriving signalled the end of a long, hard journey and the beginning of a new life in America. 

When Kirsten hopped out of bed in the morning, she didn't have far to go for breakfast. The cabin had only one room! Kirsten and her family washed, cooked, ate, slept, and lived right in this room.

After weeks of winter being cooped up in the small cabin, Kirsten longed to be outside--to breathe in the crisp, cold Minnesota air and to see the sun glisten on the soft layers of snow. But the woods were dangerous as well as beautiful. 

At Berkhoff's General Store, settlers could find everything they couldn't make on the homestead. Mr. Berkhoff's General Store was also a gathering place, where pioneers could catch up on the news and pick up their mail. 

Children of all ages were taught during the summer and winter months in one room schools like Powderkeg School. Families often paid teachers like Miss Winston with food or work instead of with money. Some families boarded, or shared their homes, with teachers for part of the school year. 

I can't believe I actually got this for $26.00
It will be much fun photographing Kirsten in her settings.

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