Friday, November 9, 2012

Felicity...As Evening Draws Near VIDEO

Our little Felicity just finished feeding and caring for her horse Penny and has set down to enjoy a piece of meat pie; beef, onion, celery, garlic, carrots, potatoes and fresh herbs all wrapped in a flaky crust. YUM!

Removing her straw hat and mob cap, she relaxes to dine by candlelight.

Her friend begins to sing from his nest on the cabinet. Felicity loves to hear her bird sing. She goes to him.

A small reward for his melody, she brings him a bit of the flaky crust from the meat pie.

"Aye. That's it, now we both can enjoy dinner together."

Once the dishes have been cleaned and put away after dinner, the night settles in and it will soon be time for Felicity to sleep.

She lights candles near her bed so she can see to read.

Felicity read her letter from Elizabeth.


She could feel her eyelids getting heavy...(yawn)


  1. Wow!! did you make this?

    1. Yes Riley, I made Felicity's bed.... I have a tutorial on it here on my blog - look under "furniture" on right side bar.