Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where I Buy AG Dolls

I was in the local craft mall and went back to the booth where I bought Kit. There were more AG dolls for sale priced $115 each.

I did not buy anything simply because I am a bit upset at the quality of the Kit I bought from this seller. Kit is PC and I realize older dolls have certain issues. The issue with Kit can be easily fixed, but I am not happy at the defects I found for the price I paid. It is MY FAULT for not inspecting better. Please INSPECT everything before you buy.

Kit is in terrific marks, scratches, discoloration...her hair is bouncy and silky...her eyes perfect with soft lashes....her clothing is in mint condition. However if you notice in the above photos these dolls do not have doll stands and are standing on their own. When I bought Kit the seller had a re-release of Felicity, in her purple striped dress attached in her AG box for sale and Addy on a doll stand, (only 3 dolls). When I took Kit home and off the doll stand to change her clothes, her legs were VERY LOOSE. One arm is loose and slowly slides back down to her side.

Please understand I am not complaining I am simply saying I am angry with myself for not inspecting Kit's limbs. That leads me to believe that Addy had the same problem and her new owner will find that out. I didn't purchase any other dolls because I already own them. I paid $98 for Kit. I have seen others for less on eBay that don't have this problem. So now I have to send her into the hospital.

She is adorable and I know it's not her fault. I will keep you posted on when/if I send her to the AG hospital.

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  1. Wait...Didn't Mattel buy the Pleasant Co before Kit's debut? And isn't there a way to restring a doll at home?