Monday, November 12, 2012

How To Make - Easy 18" Doll Sofa!!

Another project I have been wanting to do is to make a doll sofa. I have seen several on Etsy priced from $55 - $150. They're really nice too! But I am on a BUDGET and I enjoy crafts (any excuse to use hot glue!) so I wanted to try to make my own doll sofa. I had extra USPS boxes lying around (my favorite boxes to work with) and extra fabric. I hope the photos show alright - I was busy with the craft I did not take the best photos, these are from my cell phone.

 The depth ------> 12", the height (seat back) is 12".
I cut two boxes for the seat and the back to fit the doll while holding the doll in a seated position - marking on the boxes. Then taped them together.

 The width <-----> across is 15", the depth of the seat cushion is 7". I knew I needed padding and did not want to use batting or fluff - I opted for an old dish towel. I hot glued it to the boxes.

The next step is a bit detailed and because I was working with hot glue and holding fabric in place I did not take photos as I went along. You'll need to hot glue working from the bottom front - with fabric that's at least 1-inch wider than the boxes. Once you have the fabric glued down (like the towel above) on top of the towel, begin pulling it taut, tucking the fabric under the front and along the sides making folds like you would a package. Finally gluing the top over the back of the seat.

You'll then cut a strip of cardboard the same width as the side of your couch. It will need to be tall enough to reach the mid point between the height of the back and the seat - this is for the arm rests. Fold, then tape each arm flat together. Cover each with fabric covering both sides entirely. Hot glue the arms to the sides.

Next I hot glued ribbon ( you can use cording, rick rack, whatever you like) this helped to secure the arms to the entire sofa and finished off the look.

The depth at arm rests are 12", the height (seat back) is 12", the width across is 15", the depth of the seat cushion is 7".

Seats one or two comfortably!!

Good Luck!!


  1. very nice!i love it!

  2. This is really cool!

  3. I'd love to know the dimensions of the couch before it is covered. I'm trying to make it right now and am not sure how much to cut the boxes down?

    1. The depth is 12", the height (seat back) is 12", the width across is 15" and the depth of the seat cushion is 7"

  4. Is that Rose? I'm almost positive that she is. ( The one with white hair).