Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Crafts with Samantha and Nellie!

The girls spent the day making holiday crafts...

"Oh Nellie, I just know Grandmary and the Admiral will love our homemade holiday gifts." 

"Yes, the best things do come in small packages..." Nellie said. "Now that we've finished, do you want to play with our dolls?"

"I love how curly my dolls hair is. I really need to curl my hair before we take our holiday portraits!"


  1. Hi there! Have you ever added a couple of tablespoons of fabric softner to a cup of water? Spritz on doll's hair brush and set overnight. Or just brush through to keep the doll's hair soft.

  2. Hi Julie, Yes I have done a Downy dunk on both Samantha and Felicity's hair. Here is the link:

    It helped a lot in taming those unruly wild split ends. But afterward their hair was straight so I decided to give them a little body with the rollers. KKollect on youtube has a great tutorial for curling Molly's hair with sponge rollers and I plan on trying that as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)