Monday, October 9, 2017

Changes to Molly's Eye Glass Frames?

When I got my PC Molly from an original collector on eBay, her glasses had tortoise shell plastic frames. I thought nothing of it and never replaced them with the silver ones.

An inquiry on AGIG noticed Molly's glasses were different on the BF Molly books. They look like my Molly's frames, not silver.

While it's difficult to "predict" AG decisions any longer, I thought it was still interesting to point out.


  1. AH has used prototypes before, could this be one? I know for PC White Body Molly her glasses were different from later models. I got my doll second hand while the 2014 Mattel version came with her original glasses since she was purchased through AG. Yet in old catalogs I can see differences in the glasses. I may buy new accessories for my older doll to make up for not having the original glasses and extras. Hope they will offer that in 2018. Even Felicity had accessories at least if nothing else.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if they change her glasses (they made subtle changes throughout the years). And they want to "modify" but keep her the same (if that makes sense). So new meet out, new eyebrows (feathered), and new glasses are what I expect.