Friday, May 26, 2017

*TAMMY'S TRAVELS* Day 9 - Antwerp

Tammy is sitting on a modern art piece in the city center.  It is based on the book, Dog of Flanders.  

The church is the Cathedral of Our Lady built between 1352-1521 as one of the world's tallest buildings.  Inside the bell tower is a carillon with 47 bells.  Inside are 4 magnificent canvases painted by Pieter Paul Rubens,

"The Assumption of the Virgin", "The Raising of the Cross", "The Descent of the Cross" and "The Resurrection of Christ".  

Belgium is known for its lace, chocolates and diamonds.  Most of the diamonds that the Dutch mined in  South Africa came through the ports of Antwerp.


  1. Love the history lesson with tammys

  2. Beautiful pictures. Years ago, we visited Solvang, CA. In one of the stores, a lady was making lace; it was so fascinating to watch. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Another great day for Tammy! Madelon

  4. Incredible!! So much to see, do and learn. Tammy's Travels in Amsterdam have been such fun. Thank you, Fawn!!

  5. Thank you Fawn for sharing your trip with Tammy. The making of lace is amazing!