Saturday, May 27, 2017

*REVIEW* My Life As... Hedgehog Outfit

The faux denim skirt reminded me of Tenney's western style.

The skirt pulls on and the top velcros in the back.

The denim headband can be used with many outfit.


  1. Adorable outfit. I like how well it fits Tenney. The denim skirt goes well with her shoes. Great find. Hope my store gets more stock soon. It stays pretty empty in that isle.

  2. It is very sporadic with my Walmart, too. Madelon

  3. That is a lot cuter on the doll than the hanger; the hanger did not do the outfit justice. It looks great on Tenney and fits very well. Good eye, Madelon!

  4. Kind of cute. Thank you for the review, Madelon.