Friday, May 26, 2017

*REVIEW* Cecile's Meet Outfit with Accessories


 Cecile and her meet outfit are the finest items in AG history. My opinion of course. 

Her outfit is silky given Cecile upper class standing in New Orleans. The color of the dress is a rich color blue with lots of fancy details such as the ribbed white bodice bordered by a Valor black color. The cluster of roses give it a nice touch at the waist. 

The hat, shoes, socks and white gloves are equally nice along with necklace.



  1. I wish she were still available. Madelon

  2. Oh man, I LOVE my Cecile, and I am so fortunate that my parents were able to buy her for my birthday a year or two ago. Just wish I had gotten more of the original cloth-bodied mini dolls before they were all gone.

    Also, Rhonda, you should make a post about how the Madison Children's museum benefit sale will have UPS shipping this year, so you could go there and buy all your stuff and then ship it home, it's good if you're flying or if you just don't have space in your car. I'm not sure if you know about that or not. Here's the link to their facebook page, you have to scroll down a little to find the post:

    1. Good to know. Wish I lived closer to that area. Will need to make future plans now that I know about this event. Hope to get a lot of good deals on older dolls.

  3. I loved the NOLA series. Cecile is a beauty.

  4. I love My Cecile too. I am so thankful that American Girl Doll Brand introduced Her.