Wednesday, May 31, 2017

*REVIEW* OG Heart of Summer

This is one of the pricier OG looks-on sale now for around $15.

I originally thought this would be a nice eyelet retro dress for Maryellen once i take off the belt.

Realistic soft serve cone- hard to fit in Tenney's hand.

Cute woven hat and two-toned sunglasses.

Slip-on plastic lilac shoes.

The dress velcros in the back and the buckle needs to be loosened to get the dress on.

It is lined in light blue, with darker pieces around arms and neckline-I am always concerned about dye transfer in non-AG clothes. The shoes don't match. It is a little hard to get on Tenney, but the pieces looked at separately are great.

Love how the band on the hat matches the belt.

So cute with Julie's shoes.
Ps. Be careful taking off the shoes that came with the outfit. I ripped the bow off of the back of the shoe.



  1. I absolutely adore this dress. I have two. I am with you, perfect for Tenny and Melody. I dislike the shoes. I love this dress with sandals of every sort. Your choice is so perfect.

  2. I love all of the pieces of this set.

  3. I don't quite understand who OG pairs the shoes they do with some of the outfits. Didn't they ever learn that the shoes and belt should match? That style in yellow would have been nice. However, that being said, this is a really cute set and, like you, I have plenty of other shoes to choose from to pair with it...if we get it. :-)