Thursday, June 1, 2017

*REVIEW* Deluxe OG Doll Dedra


Dedra has the new face mold, is bendable, and, I love her!

Sleep eyes.

Jacket is sewn onto shorts.

Extreme bendiness.

Without the shorts.



  1. Oh she is beautiful! I love this doll and therefore this doll company ! I cannot wait to get her. Thank you so much for sharing this. While I am perplexed by AG and their stingy behavior about making more dolls of color or black dolls with different face molds here is OG picking up where AG left off in the early 2000. Kudos to this doll company because they managed to produce beautiful dolls without breaking their budget and increasing their prices. The cherry on top is that they offer all kinds of diversity in their dolls without short changing others. Thank you Madelon for sharing. This takes the sting out of AG GOTY Gabby and her lackluster year.

  2. I'm nominating you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Check out my blog, AG's Wondrous World, and click on the post titled The Unexpected Award to see what you have to do. Congratulations!

  3. I love everything she has to offer. But I could not enjoy her. Her Eyes are not right to me. I would buy and give the Doll away naked on this one.

  4. Can she sit politely? Ive only ever bought one OG doll, no elbows or knees, and her legs are close to being at right angles when seated, I wondered if the poseable dolls were different. I bought the OG jeep and was very disappointed to find the doll didn't really sit well in it. Dedra has a nice face, ah! my resolve to buy OG dolls may be swayed.

    1. They can sit with legs together if you use the armature in the cloth body to bend at the hips. The hip joints are the same as the regular OG dolls with only simple rotational movement.
      Sitting in a chair with bent knees is possible to a degree but not perfect, since the flexible vinyl tries to return to a straighter position.

  5. Did you find her online or in the store? I just love her. She's adorable, her clothes are cute, and I like that she's bendable, even if it's not realistic. She should photograph beautifully! And look at how nicely OG matched the cloth body to her skin tone? She's great!