Sunday, January 15, 2017

*NEWS* Introducing The AGenda, A Weekly Newsletter (AG)

 Introducing The AGenda, a weekly newsletter filled with advice, activities, and more just for parents.

What's your Sunday night routine? Pack lunches. Help with homework. Find that missing permission slip. Getting geared up for the week ahead can be hectic. As you prepare for Monday morning, we'€™d love to be a part of your weekly routine with helpful advice, inspirational messages, activities for you and your girl to share, and hopefully, a bit of humor. At American Girl, our purpose is to be your trusted partner as you help your girl through the moments that define who she is today and how she will make a difference tomorrow.

Link: Ticia


  1. I got this, did not find it informative. We read everything.

    1. I think this is their attempt to try to appease parents. The company has always stated that their demographic are adolescents and children forgetting that it is mostly an adult making them purchase. I do not think AG is always right when it comes to marketing. Most parents want to know about sales on merchandise, new dolls coming out, new educational resources and author book signings. I think they missed an opportunity here. They claim to be working with a parent advisory team, however I do not think that they are listening or else this link would be more useful. I do think this is their way of trying to make amends but like everything else lately it seems like they are coming up short of people's expectations.