Sunday, January 15, 2017

*In Store Report* WellieWishers - B&N and Kohl's

Our local Barnes and Noble had a very small WellieWishers selection mixed in with Corolle dolls.  Only a couple dolls and accessories were left.  Not sure if they plan to restock.  The B&N coupons do work on WellieWisher items.
All of the Lea Clark items were gone from our local Kohls.  Not sure if they actually sold out or if the items were pulled after the new year.  The WellieWishers in our local Kohls was almost nonexistent. Just a few Kendall dolls and one Camille doll.

I did see this blue dress at Kohls however, that really reminded me of a leaked possible new TM meet dress.


  1. Thank you for taking pictures. The blue dress is very pretty.

    Our local Kohl's had meet dresses, pjs and 4 Lea dolls for at least 2 weeks after Christmas. I had wanted to see what would happen to the items, but then we got so much snow and the roads were so bad that I couldn't justify driving there to check on Lea dolls. I did read somewhere that all the Lea items were pulled from Kohl's stores. In addition I read that Koh;'s did do well this Christmas season, like Macy's and others they had poor sales.

    Interesting that RU has a WW display. I think that is interesting that they are putting in a display of the doll and accessories, but tell the customer the reason for the full window box is because girls have asked for it, so they can see the doll. Perhaps I misunderstood the explanation for the full window box. I haven't been to our TRU. Does TRU usually have the 20% off everything for the Journey Girls? Last time I was in our TRU, they moved the JG next to the WW and they didn't have as big a selection as they used to. When I saw that, I wondered if part of the deal between AG and TRU was for TRU to phase out JG, to lessen AG's doll competition.

    1. Our local TRU doesn't carry the AG TM doll section, so thery can still offer JG items. I have never seen our JG section so large! The items aren't always on sale though.

      I think AG moved to the full window boxes so people wouldn't need to open up the boxes to look at/compare the dolls. Shoppers can be rough! I get why AG did it for certain markets. I do not understand them using the same packaging in their stores and online.

  2. Interesting. Thank you for sharing.