Sunday, January 15, 2017

*In Store Report* WellieWisher & Journey Girls - TRU

 Got a chance to get out to some stores the other day and decided to check out their AG and WellieWisher sections.

The American Girl Mega Bloks were well stocked at our local ToysRUs.  None of the new sets were at TRU.

The WellieWishers dolls and accessories looked like they have also been restocked recently.  They were on the end cap of the aisle containing the Journey Girls dolls, and a little bit in the aisle with the Journey Girls. Willa was the only doll missing. The WellieWishers display case was cute, and the theme song plays if you press a button.

The Journey Girls section was full. Lots of dolls, lots of accessories.  The Wooden Lounge Set looks pretty nice!  We really like the Journey Girls Take Along Doll Seat and Bistro Table Set. 20% off Journey Girls items.


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