Sunday, January 15, 2017

*In Store Report* OG Aisle & AG Megabloks - Target

Our local Target had a really nice Our Generation aisle.  Sometimes the area is barren when I visit, but it was well stocked.  Lots of outfits and mini dolls and accessories.  Lots of variety too.  

Some of the new $7 accessory sets were there.  Also the kayak set, the gardening set, the horse jumping set, and the shoe racks.  

A new cat print was on the doll seat, very cute.  

And I am loving the science aspect of the new OG dolls and accessories!


The American Girl Megabloks sets were in the same aisle with the OG items.  They had a nice selection and the prices were better than TRU.  

Target also had some of the new sets including Saige's Picnic, Grace's Pastry Cart, Lanie's Camper, and Kanani's Ice Hut. 


  1. I bought the OG tent when it was marked down. My girls really like it. I also bought the pj outfit for the Lori girls. It is also really nice. It fits the AG mini dolls, except the sleeves are a little too long. They have nice fabric quality.

  2. Those Lori dolls are so cute! We have a couple of them. I've never seen the Lori PJs before, I'm curious!

  3. Hopefully, I will grab the Science Doll soon.

  4. I like the OG Doctor doll with the X-rays. Madelon

  5. We don't get the full Our Generation range in the UK, but it looks like the little accessory sets are going to come to Smyths (a toy store chain a bit like Toys R Us, they have quite a lot of OG things) which makes me happy - I want the math whiz set for one of my dolls who is loves maths.