Monday, January 16, 2017

*REVIEW* Gabriela's Meet Outfit

In a previous post, LADL shared info on how to obtain this outfit.

Gabriela is ready to speak up and dance in this brightly layered outfit. It features:
  • A cropped purple sweater with silver dream graphic
  • A soft turquoise tank top
  • A fitted pair of dark-blue jeggings
  • A pair of purple shoes with turquoise straps
  • Hairbands
  • A pink double headband for when she’s on the move
Oh my goodness - CUTE!


I really wanted this outfit for my Sissy. This has many layers, this is what the cami and jeggings look like alone. I just love the way it looks on.

I paired it with MLA headphones, so Sissy can listen to her favorite tunes.

You can see the metallic DREAM with the camera flash.

This is just a basic bag from Justice.

The cami and jeggings glide on, the Dream sweatshirt has velcro.

Aah Saturday afternoon....


I highly recommend this outfit. It's fun, colorful and so Flash Dance I HAD to have it! And if you don't have Gabby, any one of your modern dolls can wear this. Even Isabelle. 


  1. She looks cute! Can you tell us about the couch? Madelon

  2. Perfect shirt for today. Happy MLK Day Sissy. Let's dream of better days. You look so adorable Sissy.

  3. To be honest, the best part of the outfit is the camisole, especially if you want your dolls to look older.