Wednesday, October 12, 2016

*In Store Report* Update TM #54

I just wanted to follow up on the POST a few months ago about the newer version of number 54 not being sold in stores. I went to AG place N.Y. today and was pleasantly surprised. Number 54 has been updated! I had written to AG months back about this, and all they said was that they don't carry the doll I'm looking for. Maybe someone actually listened to me?


  1. I've heard that there a "fresh batch" of Truly Me dolls popping up in stores (especially the new pop ups) with a new sticker on the box, a zip tie around the neck instead of the string, and no activity set.

    TM #54 is one of the dolls that has been popping up from the newest production run and all of these have the "Ivy eyes."

    1. No activity set? I mean I never really cared much for it, but for $115 a doll, that's alarming...

    2. Although I have been waiting close to a year for this doll, searching high and low for it, told it didn't exist when it couldn't be found in the stores and all; to learn that when it's finally available, it is stripped of the activity set and has a zip tie around the neck instead of the string is very upsetting--to say the least.

      The new zip tie is just another cutback that I find unacceptable. The cloth neckline above the zip tie on Lea is starting to show wear. This is the method used to secure heads by doll manufacturers of FAR-less priced dolls. We keep being forced to accept less and less for the same money(or more). I think this doll is absolutely beautiful--but at some point I feel I must take a stand and this is it for me. I know of no better way to express my dissatisfaction for the way this has been handled than to pass it up and share my reasoning with others who know how much I wanted it and who care about the quality and value of the items we purchase.

  2. Glad to hear it! She is a beautiful doll