Wednesday, October 12, 2016

*REVIEW* Ballet Outfit

I got this at Kmart. It doesn't have a "brand", it's a store brand $15.99.

The spandex leotard fits great.

There is gold sequin trim around the neckline which matches the tiara.

The sparkling yellow tutu (needed finessed) has an elastic waist band, easy slip on. The ballet slippers are satin.

I really like this outfit. I am concerned about the black staining Isabelle, so I will only allow her to wear it for photo shoots.

You look pretty Isabelle!


  1. That is really adorable on Isabel.

  2. That looks so good on Isabelle! It looks much prettier on the doll than on the hanger. I love the long black leotard. Is it velour?

    1. The leotard is spandex. So far no staining.