Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New AG Holiday Catalog (Downsizing My Collection...)

Got the holiday catalog, I love looking at all of the holiday items for dolls. This is truly a great season for collectors. LADL will be bringing you Holiday In Store Reports and reviews.

Sad... I think Kit is looking for Ruthie.

Personally, I have decided to S-L-O-W down and will be downsizing my collection. Squeezing it down to only must have items. As mentioned before, I am not really a fan of BF and anticipate selling BF items. 

I enjoy displaying my collections within individual doll spaces and am maxed out. I especially love the Pleasant Company collections and will focus on obtaining missing items.

 I'm very excited that a new historical doll -Elinor, Your Elizabethan Girl will debut spring 2017 from A Girl for All Time!


  1. Love the nrw Catalog. Hopefully, it will show up soon. It is so good to have a 6 year old to have a reason to keep collecting, However we're out of space too, so slowing down also.

  2. Wow! Elinor sounds totally amazing! I have been thinking about buying A Girl For All Time doll and she might be the one. Where did you find her release date? I may have to start saving! Jenni Rose

  3. Glad to see the holiday catalog is out. Beautiful pictures this year. The focus seems to be on the historical dolls. I prefer the historic backgrounds that match their book themes and time periods. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. Was the catalog larger in size than a usual catalog? Madelon

    1. It was the usual size catalog - 67 pages. It was not the oversized deluxe holiday catalog that AG has put out in the past.
      A little disappointing - unless that is still to come.

  5. Let us know what BF items you might sell!!!

  6. I am sad about Elinor. I have been awaiting her arrival for a number of years. My youngest daughter is Elinor. But it arrived and suddenly the doll looks nothing like others. Crazy curly red hair, she looks like Merida from brave. As for the new AG releases I'm glad they went back to the classic time period photos. Just not sure the quality is worth the price. And I can't get over those cookie cutters for Mary Ellen they look huge! Scale is something they have gotten wrong on a lot of her items. It just seems so sloppy when Our Generation can get that part right for a third of the cost.

  7. Where is Addy in the catalogue?!?! I really hope AG isn't going to retire her...! :(

  8. The fact that all catalogs don't have a 20 per cent off coupon, but some do, really bothers me. It should be all or none. Don't frequent shoppers deserve a loyalty discount, too? Madelon