Saturday, September 24, 2016

*In Store Report* MLA Furniture Sets (VIDEO)

A quick stop in Wal-Mart for a video. The new furniture pieces were pretty impressive. All plastic, BUT they were very nice and would make any doll happy. This is the Vanity and stool set. It lights up.

We also saw the Treat Cycle. (All plastic). Very surprised to see only a few treats included in this one, but I guess because the OG set has TONS of food.

The living room set is very low to the ground. It was packaged tightly in box so we couldn't remove it for closer viewing.

The chair and foot rest.

Love the dining set, it is similar to OG's set, great for the price! The slipcovers DO come off so you can make several in different colors, prints, patterns and with the holidays approaching - holiday fabrics!!

All barcode numbers are included to help when checking store inventory. You can see everything in the In Store Report VIDEO.


  1. We have vanity and love it for Melody.

  2. We did a review on the dining set and the living room set if you would like to see them unboxed!