Sunday, September 25, 2016

*Reader Photos* Final AG Fashion Show Try-Outs

Hope Faith is thrilled to have been selected to be a Model in the American Girl Brand Doll Final Fashion Show 2016 production by Hits Theater.  She wanted so bad to be Melody, and we expressed it at these tryouts, but she is so much younger then Melody's part in the story, she could not gain that exciting role despite our every effort. She has to be a WellieWishers at her age in the final production. We believe she will be Kendall and sport her matching pig tails. 

We feel, it is still such a Honor and great experience as this will be our 4th year to be a part of this Charitable Event in it's final production. 


  1. Congratulations Hope Faith! I know you will do your part wonderfully!

  2. Congratulations to Hope Faith! She will do a great job whatever part she gets! Why is American Girl ending the Fashion Shows? Madelon

    1. Today, they said a key figure retired that ran this part of the Business. I forgot her name it was so much excitement in the room, with 120 Girls being Casted in the Show. There is a hint that the shows might now be done at the Store at a much lower scale in the future, someday. But for now it is all in finale. Final Show.

  3. AWESOME!!!! I am so thrilled for Hope Faith and you.

  4. Wow! That is so cool! Congratulations to the very beautiful Hope Faith! Kendall is absolutely adorable -- and Hope Faith will bring her to life beautifully!

    -- Michele Grace

  5. God bless you. Thank you so very much!!!!