Saturday, September 24, 2016

*Article* The Making of an American Girl - Addy Walker

 In 1993, (American Girl) the doll company set out to introduce its first black character. All she had to do was represent the entire history of black America.

Credit: Lisa Larson-Walker/Slate

 In February, the American Girl brand, beloved for its expansive (and expensive) line of books, toys, and clothing, made an announcement: A new doll in its collection of historically themed characters, a black girl growing up in Detroit in 1963, was on her way.

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  1. Very interesting and informative!

  2. Very interesting article. Thank you Ticia.

  3. I could relate to this article on so many levels. Addy came out when I was still in elementary school so I was really blown away with the complexity surrounding Addy and the making of Addy. This just goes to show how much work Pleasant Company and American Girl put into their historical dolls. People's feelings were hurt and jobs were lost because this doll meant so much and carried so much history with her and her stories. When I read this article I really became that much more attached to my Addy doll now dolls due to the new Beforever Addy. There was so much history that I wasn't sure to share it due to the amount of hurtful facts that go along with slavery and dolls. But knowing Rhonda and the LADY community this article is more than is about our love of dolls and everything doll related. Thank you for your positive thoughts and comments regarding this article and all of the research that went into it.