Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Melody AG Rewards Pre-Order Bundle (Georgia)

I took these photos outside on my patio, but it started raining. 

Her Hairstyling Set is in front of her.  The Hairstyling Set comes with two clip ons, a bow and a flower. 

With her accessories.

This is a picture of Melody's dog, Bojangles, or "Bo."  In the book Bo has a favorite red ball.  I think it would have been nice if AG included a red ball with Bo.

This is Melody in her Fancy Dress Outfit.  This dress is adorable, however, I am not fond of the neck being exposed that shows the wrinkled area where the head joins the body so I added a pearl necklace.  She is also wearing her hairpiece which is quite nice, but so difficult to put on.  I have never bought an AG hairband that would stay on and this is no exception.  One other thing I had a problem with is that one of her shoes is smaller than the other.  You can see the outline of her toes because it is a little too small. 



  1. Your Melody looks good with the pearls. It looks like her collection will have a few high collar items so hopefully that will help alittle. I wish AG could be more careful with creating the dolls so that the neck and body have as little puckering as possible. I have that same problem wity Caroline. Maybe I will consider giving her pearls to wear.

  2. This happened to Kit's bedroom shoes for her old nightgown, but American Girl could not do anything except refund me since it was discontinued. Hopefully I can find good ones on ebay.

  3. She is a lovely doll! Madelon