Tuesday, August 16, 2016

*REVIEW* Melody Ellison 1964

I received Melody early by ordering Melody’s AG Rewards Collection.  

She is a pretty doll, wearing a dress in the style of the 1960’s, similar to what I would have worn as a young teen at that time.   

I really like her meet accessories, the felt hat especially.

I’m a little disappointed in the civil rights pin because it is plastic.  It clips on her dress and because it is plastic, evidently, I believe the clip will break off. 

Bo, her dog is cute. Usually I find my dogs at a thrift store for only .49 to .99 cents.

 Melody’s hair is easier to fix than I had thought.  The hair piece is nice and can be used to change the look on other dolls too.  

The flowers and bow slide onto the head band and can be interchanged or you could use the flowers as a corsage.  

Melody’s Fancy Floral Dress comes with pink shoes and white gloves.  It is adorable on the doll, but I would not recommend this dress for younger girls.  I had the hardest time getting this dress on the doll!  I really had to struggle to get it on Melody, snagging her white underwear in the process!  

Once on, it looks great, however the doll cannot sit down unless you pull the underskirt above her hips.  Please if anyone else has this dress, let me know if you have the same problem or if my dress is made wrong.  Then I will return it to get another.  

One thing that I noticed and called AG about was the fact that my Melody has almost no detail to her ears.  I compared her ears to Saige, Addy and Lea (pictured) and all my other AG dolls.  All have lots of details except Melody.  Lea has less detail in her ears than the other dolls, but more than Melody.  I wonder if the machine that stamps out the doll’s ears needs replacing and suggested that to AG.  They reviewed one of their Melody's and the ears were the same as mine.  

Ok Melody owners out there, does your doll have detail in their ears,  if not, what do you think about it?


  1. Just wondering, is Bo soft or does he have a stiff body and poseable legs like the truly me pets? Also wondering about Melody's hair...is it like Addy's texture?

  2. Linda you are right! I just checked and my Melody's ears look similar. But what may be more troubling is that my Cecile doll that I got as a Christmas gift, her ears are even worse than Melody's. I've never thought to notice. Her curls have always been the show stopper and therefore they remained covered and out of sight. I think this may be the type of mold they are using. Hopefully they will correct it for the GOTY 2017 doll.

    1. I got Cecile back in 2012 so I don't think AG will want to hear anything about it now. But it will be interesting to see what they will do for Melody.

  3. Here's the deal with the ears. According to AG Wiki, the Sonali mold has less detailed ears. That means that Cecile, Sonali, Melody, and a few modern dolls will have this problem. Not an individual defect, then, but any and all dolls with that mold have this issue.

  4. Blobby ears have been an issue with the Sonali mold since it was first used. My Sonali mold Truly Me doll has ears just like your Melody's.

  5. I hope AG thinks to fix this now that lots of people have taken note.

  6. Linda I checked several dolls because of course it all depends on the head mold that is used. Looks like Maryellen and the TM older doll have larger ears and Lea and Melody have smaller ears. Now the left ear on the Melody doll does have a little less detail then the right ear so I compared the ears on multiple dolls right ears on all and left ears on all and definitely Melody left ear is less detailed but it is not drastically. The ears overall are smaller then the older dolls. My Maryellen has both ears detailed. Diana

  7. She looks gorgeous. Wish it had clicked that you could get her early through AG rewards. Madelon

  8. Does Melody have neck strings or a zip tie to keep her head on?

  9. I had hoped they were going to 'correct' the ears for Melody, and had been waiting to hear if they had. Still a stunning mood regardless, and I would happily own any doll with it! April

  10. Congratulations. We can't wait to touch her and hold her.

  11. They are zip ties. I had called AG after I bought Lea to find out if it was just Lea or if all new dolls would have zip ties. They said all new dolls would have them.

  12. Interesting about the ears. I just got my "Just Like You" #47 doll and checked her ears. The left one has very little detail kinda convex, while her right ear has more detail and almost looks normal. Does anyone else notice a difference in both ears?

  13. Actually, dolls with the Sonali Mold have less details in their ears!