Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Melody's Pre-Order AG Rewards Bundle (Diana)


My friend's daughter helped me open Melody.

She is a very nice doll.  The details are exquisite. 



  1. Very nice Diana. I also got in on this deal. I had a hard time getting the Fancy Flower dress on Melody. Then when it was on, the doll could not sit down. Did you have this problem? Also, we're Melody's ears detailed? Mine were not.

    1. Linda, I too had a tough time with her dress. I have not tried sitting her down though. For me when she wears the dress she will be standing or in a doll stand so I am not bothered by it as much as I probably should be. I want her play outfit to fit well, because she will probably be sitting in that once I display her with other dolls. You Melody looks pretty. They all seem different in some way as if they know that each doll will take on characteristics of their owner.

  2. I love melody! I prefer her without her glasses, but she's cute anyway!

  3. Diana, beautiful doll and the photos look professionally done. I think AG should consider putting you on payroll.

  4. My two year old saw your pictures of Melody and said, "I love her!"

  5. Love her! Madelon