Friday, July 29, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Doll, April + Little Darling, Natalie

This is April. She comes dressed in fall colors. I think she is adorable. 

Real buttons.

Would you like some tea?

This is Natalie, she is a Little Darling by Diana Effner. She is beautifully painted and the smallest expensive doll I have ever ordered. She was made for me. WellieWisher clothes fit her, but not the shoes.



  1. Aww!I love April!I have thought about addig her to my collection but I couldn't find her in stores. Beautiful dolls!-Sophie

  2. Love real buttons and button holes!!!!!!!!!! Both dolls are adorable!!!! Sharon

  3. I found the 14 inch corolla dolls fit wellie wishes also. I love putting them together with the 18 inch dolls they look like little sisters. S.R.