Thursday, July 28, 2016

*REVIEW* Kirsten's Baking Dress

I can't believe I found Kirsten's Baking outfit at a thrift store.  It
seems brand new.  This originally cost $28.00.  It came
with the dress, apron, two blue hair bows and faux wooden shoes that her father painted with traditional designs.  The shoes and hair bows were missing from my purchase, but I am excited about the dress and apron!  

It is well made. Love the detailed elastic in the sleeves of this paisley dress.

It would have been nice if the details on the apron were embroidered, but alas, they are printed on.  

I paid $6.00 for the dress and apron.  


  1. Great find Linda! This is one of my favorites for Kirsten collection. Kristen was my first ever AG doll which I ordered from the catalog. Back then I just ordered the doll and I have none of her collection, it was not part of my budget. Now I wish I had. I keep her in her original clothes and has never been played with, unlike my other AG dolls. I do hope AG brings Kristen back. I love your finds. Diana

  2. Oh yes, I love thrift store finds! I once found her meet dress, just the dress (none of the other stuff) for like, fifty cents! That is a great find however, I totally love that dress and apron- so cute!

  3. Linda, the dress is beautiful as well as your Kirsten doll. This outfit is one of my favorites from the collection. I hope they bring her back soon. My Kirsten looks so fragile at times so I try not to move her too much out of fear that I will not be able to replace her if she gets damaged. She is a white body and her eyes are wobbly with the old, soft brownish blond lashes. She could use an upgrade in her wardrobe though. I love the story of her dress. Thrift stores are hit or miss so its nice to hear that there is hope.

  4. Love this! Madelon

  5. Awesome find! This was always one of my favorite outfits from Kirsten's collection. My parents surprised me with Kirsten when the dolls first came out, but we could never afford to buy any additional outfits or accessories. It looks great on your Kirsten doll!

  6. Thank you for your kind comments. Kirsten is my favorite doll too. She is actually my daughter's doll. My daughter just had her first child, a beautiful baby girl born yesterday, so I imagine at some point she will be going home with my new granddaughter. I will surely miss her, but I will teach my granddaughter to take good care of her. I hope she loves Kirsten as much as I do! This is the only extra outfit we have for Kirsten. So glad I found it!!!

    1. Love, love, love this!!!!!!

    2. Oh congratulations Linda on your granddaughter!