Friday, July 29, 2016

*REVIEW* My Imagination Dolls by Tonner

My Imagination play doll Tonner collection.  I completed my collection with 40% on the blonde.

AG mix and match fit Tonner dolls perfectly! Love to play!


  1. I bought the wigs for the deluxe model that is suppose to have knee joints and changeable hair. I have been waiting over a year for them to get it in!! Now they will not even list it as coming soon. I call every couple of months. I sure wish that they would get it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon Like you I wanted the joint knee dolls and they were suppose to come with two wigs so initially I only purchased the redhead then I too got tired of waiting and purchased the brunette and last but not least I got the blonde for 40% off could not pass on that deal. So if they ever got the issue resolved with the knees and produce the doll I will get it but in the meantime I really enjoy these dolls. I can not wait for the new outfits that will come out this fall for them. Diana

  3. Where did you get the 40%? I'm tired of waiting for the deluxe model, too.

    Anyways, very cute collection & TFS!