Friday, July 29, 2016

*In Store Report* New Items + Boy Dolls - MLA (Video)


I was happy to see the new boy dolls today, but there was only ONE OF EACH!

 In Store Video

They did not have the food truck in stock (yet). But this will go very well with the next GOTY17 Gabby's story, it's RUMORED that her parents own a food truck.

The AA boy doll is VERY CUTE! I love his realistic lips.


This is the new 2016 fall line up.

New accessory sets are $7.82 what a great value!


 As always MLA outfits are pried at $9.97.

I bought the camping set and the brunette boy doll. Reviews to follow!


  1. How much are the boy dolls? I want one!

  2. These are awesome!Definitly wanna get both for my brothers!

  3. I really like that the stock photos of the boys look just like the boy dolls look in real life. Can't wait for the review!

  4. A PIÑATA???? How cool is that? I will never score that in my neck of the woods, but I LOVE it!

  5. OMG Walmart! You are killing my budget for Melody. How is it that as I am trying to save up that all the sudden Walmart is coming out with incredibly cute dolls and accessories. I mean REALLY!!!!! A pinata set...perfect for my AG Josefina doll, just as AG is refusing to make anything new for her line which has been neglected and practically forgotten!!! Too much. ;)