Saturday, July 30, 2016

AG Red Sox Event - Boston

Kanani was chosen to go as our ambassador doll.  She loved it. We did her hair and used ribbon from our favorite ribbon store Walmart. This was because we did not buy VIP tickets so no hair salon for Kanani.

We bought a baseball bat ink pen, a souvenir Fenway Park spoon, earrings which do not fit dolls only humans and a post card to write about our event to Grandma eventually. 

Later took photos with #46 to showcase goodies. Again, Kanani is proving that you can dress her in anything and not have to pay a fortune. I love that she is our ambassador doll! 

We got doll shirts with the tickets. Great shirts that come with a coupon for a doll baseball hat and discount to the AG Hair Salon. 

We went to the craft room there at Fenway Park set up as a crafting room where you could do actives with your doll. There AG gave us a new July/ Aug AG magazine, notebook to sketch in, doll sized sketch book and two sheets of stickers.

Overall great event.


  1. Fabulousness!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Love the ribbon you put in both your Doll Hair.

    1. Thank you. I hope AG does this again next year. People really seemed to love the event and the home team.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I missed the event in St. Louis so seeing this makes me happy to know what I can expect if I get the chance to go to one of these.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Number 46 is beautiful! Her hair even looks longer than Kanani's!

  4. Wish they did this for the Nsionals or Orioles. So much fun! Madelon

  5. Thank you for the nice comments. I know my Beforever Samantha doll would love the St. Louis game. I imagine the World's Fair and Judy Garland on a trolly. Doll 46 has beautiful curly hair, but looks nice with the curly ponytail in the catalogs so I tried two since I missed out on Sonali. The Red Sox are very much loved in Boston, but I have been to see the Nationals and they are a great team and fun to follow. The Boston event was sold out and the Green Monster was filled to the brim. Will try to do it again. Let me know if you see any events like this next year and if you can go it is well worth it.