Saturday, July 30, 2016

*REVIEW* School Boy Doll - My Life As... (VIDEO)

Meet Josh.....

He is super cute.

His eyes are lash free with feathered brows.

His rooted chestnut hair is soft, just like the girl dolls.

I love his high top black converse.

He is made entirely of soft vinyl.

His limbs do not bend.

This doll is a great starter doll and for $27.97 very impressive. I am very happy to add Josh to my boy doll collection. Don't expect AG quality, if you already own a MLA doll then you will know what to expect. He can get wet in the tub or pool and that's a plus! 

I recommend this boy doll!!!!

Looking forward to see if MLA comes out with another outfit or two.

Josh looks right a home....


  1. I'm really liking these new MLA boy dolls! And it's so exciting to hear he can go in water! That's a huge plus. Being all vinyl, are his clothes compatible with your soft-bodied custom AG boy?

  2. I am DEFINITELY going to buy this doll! I need to save up a bit, since I just ordered Addy from EBay (she's expected to arrive Aug 4) and that depleted my doll fund. But approx. $28? GREAT deal!