Tuesday, May 17, 2016

*RUMOR* 1960s Princess Swing Coat for Melody?

A new image has surfaced on multiple social media sites. A possible wool or tweed coat for Melody??

I can not post the image here, but I can describe it. I found this image similar in style.

The cream colored princess coat has princess seams, six gold plastic button "pea coat" style, beige faux fur around the sleeve hems and the neck collar, there may be slit pockets as pictured above. A matching beige faux fur pillbox hat is part of the set. The coat has a monochromatic pattern almost metallic in sheen. The pattern looks like diamond shapes. It also looks as though white wrist length gloves are included. This outfit looks Russian inspired and like something Doris Day would wear on a cold day.

IF IT IS part of Melody's collection, it's a MUST HAVE! It's gorgeous!!


  1. Wow! I wonder if it will be in a matching blue or green like her meet dress.

    1. It may be in pink to match the dress that is on the second book. That would be cute.

  2. I hope not. Her pajamas are blue as well and I like variety.

  3. So exciting! Cannot wait to see Melody in this set. Does anyone know what color it will be for sure? I hope that it will be unique and that her line will display an array of various colors and textures.