Tuesday, May 17, 2016

*UPDATE NEWS* AG Outlet - Closing

Rina has an update on the previous post regarding the upcoming AG Outlet closure.

I was at the Outlet Mall in Oshkosh, I did not take any pictures because it was severely picked over. Right in front they had a big sign stating the upcoming closing of the American Girl Outlet store.

I spoke to the employees and they said supposedly they will still receive inventory until shortly before store closing and the only reason it was so picked over was because of the Wilmot Warehouse sale that went on the last few days. But they were selling display items today so I am not so sure about this.

I asked if the store might relocate and was told no, as of now it will just completely close and they are planning on having more warehouse sales and possibly doing more online sales.

Online sales would benefit everybody so lets hope they really pull through.

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  1. I really do hope that online and warehouse sales happen more often, it would make up for the outlet closing.