Tuesday, May 17, 2016

*REVIEW* NOLA Glassware & Treats (VIDEO)

2012 Glassware and Treats was $68 and retired in 2013.

Where to begin?
This set includes:

3 beignets and 1 plate.

Bowl with Fruit.

Hand painted pitcher and 2 Glasses.

The entire set is made with exceptional quality, similar to that of the earlier Pleasant Company pieces.

 I love how this set looks all together, but with multiple pieces you can divide them up within other doll scenes. I really wanted to use this in the garden gazebo. I think other historical dolls would enjoy this: Kit, Molly, Rebecca and Samantha. GOTY15 Grace could use this in her bakery.



  1. This set is so beautiful! I just love the bowl of fruit! So cute!

    ginnie / www.fakingitmostly.com

  2. This is beautiful. Love how it fits the table and chairs.

  3. I wanted this set but balked at the price. Were you able to get it on sale? Madelon

  4. Very nice set. I love the pitcher, glasses and plate.