Monday, May 16, 2016

*REVIEW* NOLA Courtyard Furniture Set (Video)

2012 Limited Edition NOLA Courtyard Furniture set was $90 and retired in 2013.

 A friend of mine was downsizing and I was able to (finally) get this set. I was lax the last time it went on sale prior to retirement. I have had my eye on it since it's release.


I can not say enough about this set! Its heavy, sturdy and well made. The Verde color is gorgeous and the filigree is so realistic to the life size sets of it's kind. I HIGHLY recommend this set! It's stunning.



  1. I love this set. I hope American Girl continues the tradition of fabulous metal historic furniture. Madelon

  2. I love it. It looks so real! I feel like the quality of the AG sets are going downhill in a big way. This looks like it would hold up well.

    ginnie /

  3. Love this set. I will not get it because we have no space. But I love everything about it.