Saturday, February 6, 2016

*In Store Report* The Toy Machine - Sweden

 My (almost) local toy store, I am in Sweden.
There are two of these stores, this is the store in the next city over from mine.

The prices are the same as they were in the 90's, this store never has sales or blowouts. $1 is about 8.40SEK, so a toy that says for example 399 is about $45.

This is a very special store though, around the 90s these "smaller" private business stores were common, but then around the 2000s they all started to get "put together" when a bigger brand bought them all. This one chain has stayed private since they first opened back in 1989 and so their prices are much higher than average.



  1. Very interesting. Do they sale a brand of eighteen inch dolls?

  2. Thank you for sharing. This store looks like a lot of fun! Madelon

  3. That's cool to see! I have some cousins in Sweden so it's kind of cool to see the comparison of our stuff in America to y'all's.