Thursday, February 4, 2016

*In Store Report* My Life As....Canada

 I was at Walmart tonight and noticed that, like last year, I have arrived on the eve of the new seasonal stock change over. Not all of the new stuff appeared to be on the shelves but I did spot new dolls and restocking pages describing some new My Life As doll things. 

First new doll I spotted was a brunette with green eyes and freckles, dressed very similarly to last year's Camp Counsellor. This one, however, is a Nature Photographer. She comes dressed in a beige bucket hat, khaki shorts, white fooler sleeve t-shirt with a camera print in it, white socks and grey plastic hiking boots. She comes with a folded paper trail map. 

She's a cute doll, but I would have preferred that she actually come with a little camera rather than a t-shirt of one.

Next doll was this year's Beach Vacationer. Truly loving the style of swimsuit and the colour scheme here. Again, the only doll I saw was a brunette with brown eyes so not a lot of diversity in terms of dolls in the stores yet. Hoping more will follow!

She comes dressed in a coral 'fish scale' bathing suit with mint green ruffles and a mint sarong. She is carrying a mint and white polka dot tote and comes with mint green flip flops and sunglasses. It was hard not to buy her on the spot! 

Those were the only two new dolls that I saw, but when I turned the box around, I discovered that there is a Gardener coming out this spring! She is shown on the box to be a green-eyed redhead (yeah!) wearing a pink tee, denim dress, green rubber boots and a pink hair bow. She is also carrying a green watering can! Must-have!!!

Some interesting descriptions from the restocking pages: Summer Hats, Playing in the... (Rain?), 3 tier PD (??? anyone know what that could be--all I can think of is a baking set with a 3-tier dessert stand) and something called Fshng (Fishing set?). The rest are items that have been on shelves for a while--pet stroller, pet grooming sets, camping set, wheelchair, butterfly bed, spa chair, desk chair, flip chair, etc.

Interestingly enough, there were some discrepancies between the prices of last season dolls, so perhaps some on sale now that the new dolls are trickling in? Spa Vacationer, Pop Star, School Girl, Hair Stylist and Ballerina were all selling for the regular $33.97. Baker was selling for $32.97 and Party Planner was on sale for $30.00. New dolls were listed as $33.97.

I will check back later this week to see the rest of the restocking and see what fashions are available. Stay tuned!

Robin :)


  1. Cool. Thanks for sharing! I checked their website yesterday and nothing new was listed.