Monday, January 18, 2016

*In Store Report* Princess Dolls UPDATE - Canada

I happened to be in my local Canadian Tire again earlier this week and the princess dolls I noticed there a few months ago are now on clearance. 

And, Aurora appeared to be on the shelf! I haven't seen her in the line-up this year at all, so was surprised to see her pink gown. On top of it, she is the only doll wearing a crown, which suggests to me she is last year's stock hauled out to take advantage of the post Christmas sales. 

At $10 each, I'm half tempted to buy up a few of these dolls to give away to Toy Mountain for needy children next Christmas or to bring them to our local children's hospital. I think these dolls are so sweet looking and might make great companion dolls. 

That's a wonderful idea Robin! 

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