Sunday, January 17, 2016

*In Store Report* GOTY16 Lea - AGP DC

A look at Lea's collection.



Red Heart Ruffles Outfit $28.00

Thank you Madelon!


  1. She's so pretty. I love looking at all the photos people post.

    btw I noticed you said no USA for the giveaway, curious is it to give non Americans a chance to own an AG item or do you live outside the US yourself? (you don't have to answer the 2nd if too personal)

    1. There is a separate USA giveaway and a separate international giveaway. Everyone's always included in every LADL giveaway.

      I live in TX.

  2. The ruffled heart dress is adorable!

  3. So here's a crazy idea. What if, following in Chrissa's footsteps, Lea were to have a Companion Doll? Camila (looking at the cover of Lea and Camila) would have straight shoulder length dark brown hair, brown eyes, and maybe even the Marie Grace face mold! (Yes, I am kind of obsessed with the one doll molds, hoping they will be used more. I wish Lea herself had had the M-G mold.)

  4. I love this. But did anyone notice thr boots Addy is wearing. I hope those are the boots She comes with now. The 8/27/14 Beforever Cloth Boots are not a favorite because it made it difficult for her stand alone.

  5. Great photos! Thank you for sharing.