Saturday, December 5, 2015

*REVIEW* John Lewis Party Outfit - UK

I'm an international collector (UK) and I saw this on John Lewis website from their Doll Collector's Edition. I got it in the store and was reduced to £10.00. So I got it right away as I'd been wanting this beautiful outfit for a while.

The fluffy coat is wonderful and soft, and fit on her really well. I personally don't think it looks right with this outfit, however it would look great with others.

The outfit is all in one and was simple to put on, just a simple button at the too. It fits perfectly on her, it's not baggy or tight it's just right. 

The shoes though are beautiful are ill fitting. Her feet do not reach the front and it is very difficult to get through the slots at the front. The Velcro at the back fits round her feet. But I couldn't get the shoes on her at all with her wearing any tights. 

She wanted to help us with decorating the Christmas tree so was holding one of our ornaments. She looks so adorable in this outfit.

Overall I love this outfit it is perfect for Christmas with all the sparkles on it. Plus it fits perfectly on her. I was surprised just how perfectly it fit. The only thing I don't like is the shoes, they don't seem very well made, they are very thin and don't fit very well. But I am very impressed with the rest of the outfit.


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  1. This is a great outfit. Thank you for sharing! Madelon