Sunday, December 6, 2015

*REVIEW* Limited Edition Götz Doll Zola - PBK


Pottery Barn Kids had a sale and clearance, I found this beautiful doll Zola.
Designed by Götz, 18" Zola from Kenya wears a beautifully patterned dress and head scarf, and comes with a plush leopard friend and a special story about her family and heritage.

Face has blushed cheeks, life-like eyelashes and eyes that close.
The doll has long hair that can be washed, styled and brushed.
The doll’s arms and legs can be moved up and down.


This is Zola's story.

She is very pretty and she brings her pet. 


  1. Wow Diane, this doll is really beautiful and her outfit is so colorful! I love the addition of the tigerand the doll's face is so pretty. I always wondered about this set, but I have never seen it in person or seen a review of this done. Did you buy her in a store or online? I have a PotteryBarn Kids near me, yet I have yet to see any dolls in store unfortunately, but fortunately American Girl Store that is not the case. AG will always have dolls for every occasion sale or no sale. But I do love Gotz dolls so it is always nice to see where to find them when I can. I have Leighton and she is lovely. Congrats on new doll.

  2. Hi Ticia I found her in the store, I love Gotz dolls so I always go into PBKs and ask if they have clearance dolls that is how I find them. This one was tucked back in the stock room and the manager went in the stock room and checked for me. So even if you do not see them ask and they check in the back. Diana