Thursday, December 24, 2015

DIY Bakery - Creating a Place for Grace

I've had to make changes in my doll room (again) to fit everyone in. Grace had a space in the old room, but all of my dolls had to move into one 12' x 12' spare room. 

I found these ornaments at Michael's 50% off.

I do no have room for large items and do not own Grace's bakery. I decided to make a simple (small) bakery for her using what I had. This is the 30" wide x 22" deep space I had to work with. Not much, but at least there was a place for my Grace!!!

I began covering the walls, then making bakery doors for the facade on each side.

It's a DIY bakery.  

Grace will need an oven and more display space. 

There is still shelving and a cabinet that needs to go inside, but there was not much room to display the dolliday items. I opted to leave them out for the season. Once spring arrives, the bakery can add more shelving.


  1. I love the glitzy mixer ornament. Love too, using what we have to make a room. Seeing your "doors" gave me the idea to do the same to cover the table supports in our doll space (using tables). The supports are tricky to cover with a wall, but a door would probably work in a way I wouldn't lose space.

  2. Looks good! Madelon

  3. This is so adorable! Great job. Merry Christmas, Rhonda! :)


  4. Merry Christmas Rhonda and LADL Family. Diana Hope-Faith will ooen Her Miami American Girl Doll Shirts in the Morning for Christmas. God bless. Thank you. MAXINE

  5. These are really great. I have been interested in creating my own printables for my daughter's American Girls, but I am not sure what program I should use. Do you have any advice?