Tuesday, November 24, 2015

*REVIEW* OG Retro Floral Invitation

Love the sweet pattern of this cotton dress.


The shoes do not fit.

I dislike the gloves. They fit well, but I would have liked them in white. (I have white, but lilac isn't a color I would choose).


These are the accessories I'm not particularly fond of. This makes a cuter bowling bag or travel carry-on bag than a purse.

I do love the glittery hair bow barrettes.


 The dress is a bit too short. In this photo it looks to be the right length however it really is above the knee. For Maryellen it's not an accurate length for the 1950s.

I like this set very much, but I bought it for Maryellen so my critique is based on how it fits on her and her era. I recommend this for any doll, only disappointing part is the shoes.....too small.


  1. Excuse me, are the shoes too small for AG or OG? Because they were made for OG, NOT AG.

    1. Maryellen is AG and can not wear these OG shoes

  2. I really like this outfit. Madelon

  3. Cute outfit. My daughter and I were just organizing our doll clothing (we have LOTS), but it's mostly current generation outfits. I realized that while we have some OG retro outfits, it's a small collection. So I know for a historical doll collector you have a harder time finding period pieces. And on our OG retro pieces, two have shoes that don't fit AG OR OG either.

  4. I own this outfit. I think it is a very very pretty! The shoes do fit OG dolls. I love the purse and the hair clips. It is the perfect tea party outfit I do agree that the shoes were made for OG dolls not AG