Wednesday, November 25, 2015

*REVIEW* Costco Caroline + AG Bundle Outfit Review

So why a second Caroline?  This Caroline is from Costco, she had the party dress and book for $99.  My original first version Caroline is the historical doll and because her hair is long and curly I did not want to play with her.  So when I saw Caroline #2, I knew she would be my modern play doll.  Her hair is beautiful and I love to work with curly long hair.  

Here she models the AG outfit that is part of the "Boutique" bundle.  Katie the redhead wears the second outfit from the "boutique" bundle, but I added the glittering beret cap.  Caroline is walking the little husky from the JG collection which was "free" with purchase of $55 or more at TRU.



  1. I want a second one to to test the limits with Her hair with out stress. My 1st one is just 1 year old and we never combed her hair ever. So I hope to get a second one today. The Boutique set is a Incredible deal. I got one jope to get a second one. Will get matching outfits for all the Clothes for My Daughter. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone of You. Thanks Diana for the review You are a Angel from God. Thanks Rhonda for pouring Your heart into this wonderful Blog.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I bought the bundle deals, too. They are great. I also bought a second Caroline so I could have a modern Caroline. I think she is beautiful and I wanted to keep my original Caroline an historical doll. I just love her hair.

  3. Great idea Diana! I mean who doesn't like Caroline? Plus, she is on sale! I hope to get a modern Caroline soon.

  4. I guess I'm one of a few that never bought Carolyn. If I had a Costco membership I would probably get her. Beautiful eyes and hair.