Tuesday, November 24, 2015

*REVIEW* JG Limited Edition Gift Set - TRU

Here they are, they are very pretty and they stand up wonderfully.  When I first saw these two beauties I knew they would be part of my collection.  So I waited patiently for the sales and award points to kick in and I got them at a very low discounted price.

Here is the JG Limited Edition for their Anniversary. these are two brand new dolls with different eye color, lip color and hair color.  

This is Kara Rose I love her face, and hair.  I found that both these dolls have a lot more hair and the hair quality has improved.  They are also very sturdy and have a good weight to them.  Their joints are also tighter including the movement of the head.

Alana also has a beautiful face and it is different then that of Kara Rose.  She has a sweet look to her.  The hair has a lot of highlights and works perfect with her eye color.

This limited Edition comes with extra outfits, so here the girls tried on a different look. This is one of the features I like about JG, they have different mix and match pieces to great unique looks.

If you are a JG fan, I highly recommend these two dolls.



  1. Toys r Us has this set for $49 for their Thanksgiving sale starting at 5pm.

  2. How much where both of the dolls?

  3. Are they on the newer body where the seating ability is a lot wider?

  4. Alana looks just like me, haha. I love their outfits!


  5. I brought these same dolls and when got home and unboxed alana I started to brush her hair and her head fell off. So I decided I'm gonna stick to American girl dolls. I got Addy on the way and I'm takin these two back asap.