Wednesday, November 18, 2015

*In Store Report* The Queen's Treasures - Stroudsburg, PA

Nonna (Mommy’s Doll Club) and Xyra (Tea Time with Melody Q) took a road trip to The Queen’s Treasures to check out their new stuff and celebrate Neighborhood Toy Store Day!

We arrived at the Queen’s Treasures and the girls sprinted to the store! Nonna brought along Kyoko and Etta and Lanie came with Xyra.


We paused outside for just a moment to look in the windows.

Etta and Kyoko couldn’t wait to check out the wagon!

We were told the new Laura doll is almost ready and that she looks great. We can’t wait! Her dress is already sold out at the moment. (This nice dolly stood in for Laura for now).

We really like her collection especially the cook fire set.

Next we checked out the Jane Goodall Collection. Etta and Kyoko climbed right in the tent! (Lanie was off exploring the shoes; she’ll post about that at Tea Time with Melody Q). Jane’s outfit is really cool. We love her sweater and the shirt underneath. There is much potential with this outfit.

We were super excited about the new farm stand. We wanted to buy a bunch and have our own Grower’s Market!

There were so many choices to sell too! We were told that a new signage set with all the store signs will be coming (including the Farm Stand, Shoe Store, etc) and that the Farm Stand roof (green and white) is interchangeable with the Shoe/Tea/Bakery roof (pink and white). How cool is that?

Here’s the pink set as the Tea Shoppe. We love that dress! It looks great on every doll.

Kyoko and Etta took a break to make some Smores (don’t worry, we checked on Lanie, she was fine).

Etta found the awesome Christmas set (which is NOT the same as what you find at Michael’s right now, it’s MUCH nicer).

Kyoko found the three new kittens (one of the black ones followed her home).

Etta found a new friend in a fabulous silver dress (the dress went home with Xyra!).

Kyoko found the sink/fridge combo.

Etta found the stove!

“Hey Kanani, how about some shave ice?”

Etta worked her way over to the shoes…Lanie was by the cats by then!

We were so excited that we forgot to take pictures of the cupcakes and tea available for Neighborhood Toy Store Day but they were yummy (Xyra probably has pictures. She loves her tea!)

The girls had some pizza while Lanie finished her shopping. Nonna got us some new shoes and the pizza cutter (it really rolls around!) and some end tables in the clearance/damaged section. She had just ordered us two picnic tables online so we’re ready for next summer!

They’ve updated some of the beds and armoires which is really cool. The new styles seem to be more functional and very pretty. The biggest change we heard about was that the store was moving to a warehouse! That made us sad but there will still be a showroom we can visit and play in when we take our next road trip (Nonna actually drove back the next day to bring back two store display cabinets that they were selling off).

The Queen’s Treasures is about a two hour drive for us but well worth it. You can buy from their website directly and sometimes on Zulily too. Some of the new stuff is not quite ready yet but it’s coming as soon as it is. The quality of The Queen’s Treasures products is simply not matched on this scale by most doll manufacturers. The best and most sincere compliment I can give QT is “Remember what Pleasant Company use to be like?” If you haven’t checked them out, DO. 


See Willow's visit to the Queen's Treasures!


  1. I posted a few outtakes here:

  2. Hi, We have the queens treasures tea shoppe. We love their products. I have a question about the dolls Christmas set at Michaels. What is it exactly and how much is it? I have been there recently and have looked for items for our dolls and have not seen it.

  3. The Christmas set looks exactly like the set from Michaels (although we found at AC MOORE). The set came with the "cookies for Santa" plate, a milk mug, 2 gingerbread cookies, the green felt stocking, a wooden gift box with bow, and a christmas dress. The set from AC Moore is very nice, and it definitley looks like this exact set

    1. I have not seen it. Do you know the price and what brand and or section it is in? Thanks for responding to my question :)

  4. Great post! I would love to visit here. Madelon

    1. Come on up, Madelon! You can crash with us anytime! We'll let you know the next time we head down your way too! (On the planning table, just not the calendar!)

  5. Tina, the sets are by Nicole Kids. The Christmas one is called Holiday Trimmings & Clothes and Accessories set. It is on sale for $14.99, regularly $19.99. There are eight sets. Some of them look exactly like Queen's Treasures-maybe they made them? Smaller sets are on sale for $9.99. Madelon

    1. Thanks I hope to find them. Thanks for replying.

    2. Does anyone have a DCPI number for the Micheal's version?? Our stores don't seem to know what I'm talking about when I call. Thanks

  6. Some are on an endcap and some are next to the Springfield Dolls. Madelon

  7. Oh, my goodness! We had such a great time that day!

    Here's the link to the shoe shopping:

    This is the link to all the displays we featured:

    A black kitten followed Lanie home too. Her name is Pyewacket. :)

    Completely agree about the comment remember Pleasant Company and even early American Girl during that transition period. Well constructed furniture, shoes with laces or zippers or buckles that function with sturdy detailed soles, etc.
    ~Xyra & Lanie
    Tea Time with Melody Q

  8. Does Queen's Treasures or Laurent Doll make the Holiday accessories? I know Queen's Treasures and Laurent Doll are together and I thought Laurent Doll sold furniture in Ac Moore. The Ac Moore chef baking set and the separate baking accessories look exactly like ones I have purchased from Queen's Treasures. Madelon

    1. They make "look" the same but the QT quality is much better. I say that having looked at both close up.

  9. Thanks, Nonna, it would be great to meet up! Madelon