Wednesday, November 18, 2015

*REVIEW* Faux Fur Critter Outfit - Justice

This outfit was originally priced $56.90. It's NOT worth that much. The quality is VERY good and equal to other favorite doll clothing brands.

Nicolette looks so adorable in this outfit. 

The pull over hoodie is a nice fit, the metallic jeggings have an elastic waistband.

The leopard purse is very good quality with sequined LOVE on the side.

The metallic finish boots have flat soles. They fit a little big, I just tied them a bit tighter.

I love the fur trimmed hood.

I was able to get this outfit on a deep discount because it was the last one on clearance.

I recommend Justice Just Like Me clothing. They sets are very good quality and have the same cute Justice style that girls wear themselves. Use coupons or buy when on sale.


  1. I picked this up on clearance this summer just because of the tiger. It fits your Divah well! :)

  2. I got this a few weeks ago when it was $6.99-great buy, especially for the slimmer dolls. Madelon