Thursday, November 19, 2015

*REVIEW* Doll PJs and Santa Pet Suit - Justice

Justice had a few sets of pet clothes for small pets. I got these two.

Pepe is a thrifty rescue dog and this little Santa suit fits him SNUG. (LOL) 

But look at him!!!!!

The furry hat is from the Faux Fur Critter outfit. It was too small for Nicolette because she has a lot of hair. I put it on Ruthie and it fit just fine.

The PJs are stretch knit thankfully because they fit snug on Ruthie. I paired them with Molly's fuzzy slippers.


The shirt has a velcro closure in back, the pants have an elastic waistband.

These two look pretty cute in their dolliday wear. 
At $6.90 for pets - SMALL pets! And $10.90 PJs sets...they're both affordable and well made. I recommend them so grab all four sets. These are great gifts and are economical to send through the mail nicely in a large manila envelope.


  1. Hi Rhonda I really liked what you picked, they look adorable. I might need to find a Justice in Miami, and check them out. We are driving down today, in rainy weather again. Diana

  2. Very cute sets. Where did you find them? I can't find this brand anywhere.

    1. At the Justice Store

  3. I'm planning to get these same pajamas this week (for dolls and humans, yay for fitting in kids' clothes!)