Friday, October 9, 2015

*In Store Report* Holiday Baking + PWP - AGP Houston

Maxine brings us a report of some of the new holiday items. 

Hats $12.00 Gloves $12.00 Necklaces $10.00 Earrings $10.00.
Two cards with styles available each have 3 pair of earrings, gold purse $20.00 Blinged ear phones are super nice with great quality of sound adjustable from Kid to adult size head $25.00.





  1. Fun Stuff! thanks for sharing :)
    that heart shaped purse is cute for only $20.

    but looks a lot like an OG purse... seen here:

    1. Loved everything. Yes You are right and we love Our We love Our Generation Brand it comes with a Doll Purse to match for lesd then 20.00 lol. Love all rhe American Girl Doll Stuff too and the prices were low for them. Reminder.